TEDxPasadenaWomen 2015

Momentum Special Guests

TEDxPasadenaWomen 2015 Special Guests

TEDxPasadenaWomen 2015 Special Guest - Tarnie Fulloon

Tarnie Fulloon

Tarnie Fulloon is a transformational mentor, workshop facilitator, writer, and author.  She partners with professional women so they can make intimate relationships thrive.

For more than 25 years, Ms. Fulloon has been healing, mentoring and empowering women, through the wisdom and intelligence of their bodies, to access the confidence, sensuality and vitality for which they have been longing. Her particular focus is on mentoring women who want to serve at a greater level and have hit the end of their limit.  She teaches women to live life at their fullest potential with purpose and joy.


TEDxPasadenaWomen 2015 Special Guest - Lineage Dance Company

Lineage Dance Company

Hilary Thomas
Founder, Lineage Dance Company

Lineage Dance is a contemporary dance company dedicated to raising support and awareness for nonprofit organizations, as well as to making the arts accessible to audiences of all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Lineage is known throughout the community for artistic excellence as well as giving back through dance and strives to build community through the arts – reaching across barriers of age, ethnicity and ability.

One of the most important components of Lineage’s mission is to make the art of dance accessible to every age and stage of life and develop audiences that feel fully engaged in dance by offering opportunities to deepen understanding through education and participation. Lineage Dance’s repertoire is athletic, energetic and emotional, and many of the pieces tell compelling stories.

Lineage Dance Company will perform, “From a Sister’s Length” is inspired by sisters Annie and Betsey Wells in their fight against cancer is performed by Michelle Kolb and Teya Wolvington with choreography by Hilary Thomas and music from Jeff Buckley.


TEDxPasadenaWomen 2015 Special Guest - Benita Scheckel

Benita Scheckel

Benita Scheckel is a southern California native.  She is a playwright, actor, singer, educator, mother and wife.

Her play, “Bend in the Road”, “The Anne of Green Gables Musical,” was one of ten new shows selected to go to New York in 2013 and is now gearing up for a national tour.  Ms. Scheckel’s diverse career has included voicing a character on Disney’s hit animated series, Phineas and Ferb, traveling with a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera company and performing musical improv at the Ice House in Pasadena.

Her passion for supporting and including all children in the arts has resulted in a satisfying career as an Arts Educator in the Pasadena Unified School District.


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